Primesafe Prioritising child safety

Student Safety Cards

Tech enabled student monitoring and safety.

PrimeSafe – is a first of its kind, technology enabled solution for supervision and safety of school children. It is an exclusive, cost-effective, digital safety card that secures the child’s safety and gives complete peace of mind to parents and school administrative authorities.

This simple to use device allows parents and schools to keep tab and track of students’ whereabouts through a smart phone integrated user friendly app. What’s more? This compact credit card sized device is light in weight and convenient to carry around.


PrimeSafe Features​

  • GPS/GPRS/LBS real-time tracker
  • Emergency SOS button
  • Two way talking facility
  • Geofencing - Creates safety zones and alerts if the child is out of zone
  • Student location and travel history
  • Access to emergency medical records

Program Benefits

Schools - Monitor students effortlessly

  • Ensure safety of students inside the campus
  • Monitor students in buses even outside the campus
  • Effortlessly track student movement from school to home route
  • Device turns off to ‘do not disturb mode’ automatically when the child is in class

Parents - Ensure 24x7 safety for your kids

  • Get real-time location of your child whenever you wish
  • Get automated trigger alerts and school attendance details, etc.
  • Provision to add up to 3 monitoring family members
Monitor students effortlessly