Prime Assist actively promotes positive emotional health and considers it as critical as the physical wellbeing of all students. It is a unique, on-site, student counselling program administered by a panel of certified and well-trained psychologists and counsellors.

Student and Teacher Counselling Session​

60,000+ Students Counselled On Various Mental Challenges

75,000+ Workshops till date

12,000+ Individual Students Counselling Sessions

4,000+ Teachers Trained

200+ Group Counselling Sessions

Program Benefits

  • Guidance and counselling for all students
  • Identification of students with behavioural/academic issues and offering individual and group counselling
  • Teachers’ orientation programs
  • Raising general awareness of parents

Health Awareness & Educational Programs include

  • Workshop For Learning Disabilities
  • Good Touch and Bad Touch
  • Health, Hygiene and Gender Education
  • Stress Management
  • Exam Stress Management and Study Tips
  • Improving Study Concentration